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Lakes District Maintenance provides winter maintenance services on approximately 3,500 lane-km’s of British Columbia’s provincial highway network. Lakes District Maintenance uses a large variety of equipment to meet the harsh demands of British Columbian winters. Our fleet of equipment includes plow trucks, graders and loaders equipped with multiple attachments (including front mount plows), underbody plows, wings, pre-wetting systems, anti-icing systems, Automated Vehicle Location Systems (AVLS), and some of the most advanced spreader control systems available in the industry today. By employing a fully trained, experienced staff that operates out of nine maintenance yards in British Columbia, Lakes District Maintenance ensures that provincial service level requirements are achieved and exceeded.

Plowing & Sanding

Lakes District Maintenance has nine maintenance shed locations across our service areas. Our two main repair facilities are in Burns Lake and Dease Lake, and these facilities have several mobile equipment technicians strategically placed for their support. Our winter maintenance equipment will see more than 29,000 hours of grading, plowing, and sanding time annually. This list does not include the efforts of loaders, snow blowers, dozers, and excavators, which are also required to combat winter storms and glaciation issues. Some of these services are subcontracted by LDM to local businesses in their respective communities.

Road Inspections

Following established road patrol schedules based on traffic volumes, Lakes District Maintenance performs road patrols on the 3,500 lane-km’s it services. During these road patrols, Lakes District Maintenance operators check and observe the road surface for any hazards or repairs required while monitoring all the appurtenances within the right-of-way. Our team documents all observations, which allows for proper management and scheduling of work to take place. This process for follow-up maintenance repair activities ensures repairs are conducted in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our maintenance program also extends the life and investment of public infrastructure, all while enhancing safety by completing repairs before they become a hazard to the public.

Surface & Right-of-Way Maintenance

During the spring, summer, and fall months, Lakes District Maintenance provides maintenance and repairs to the surface of highways and rest areas on both paved and gravel roadways. This work includes major activities as listed.

Other activities include culvert and drainage repairs, sign and no-post maintenance, debris removal, graffiti removal, and restroom maintenance. Lakes District Maintenance performs more than 230 different work activities to maintain and keep British Columbia’s transportation infrastructure safe for the traveling public.

  • Paving
  • Crack-sealing
  • Spray Patching
  • Pothole Patching
  • Roadway Blading & Gravelling
  • Roadway & Median Sweeping
  • Bridge deck repair & replacement
  • Bridge Washing
  • Dust Abatement
  • Brushing
  • Ditching
  • Etc.

Roadway Sign Installation & Maintenance

Lakes District Maintenance is responsible for repairing, replacing, and maintaining all road signs and their support structures within the provincial highway right-of-way in its service areas. During scheduled road patrols, any signs and support structures that require repair or adjustment are documented with scheduled work orders. Each of the nine maintenance facilities stocks an inventory of commonly used signs and support structures, and this inventory allows for a quick reaction time to complete required repairs. Throughout the winter months between storm events, our crews also wash signs to increase visibility and safety for travelers.

Emergency Services

Lakes District Maintenance provides 24/7 emergency response to all traffic control requests and incidents on provincial highways. Our highway maintenance teams, including subcontractors, have fully trained and certified flag people on hand at all times. Lakes District Maintenance is ready with portable, programmable message boards, arrow boards, traffic lights, and emergency sign packages. Lakes District Maintenance can respond to all types of road complications, including accident scenes, spill responses, lane closures, fires, floods, avalanches etc.